How We Work

We work with designers and researchers, strategists and journalists. Whatever your area of expertise, these are our principles for successful collaboration.

Some of our principles

Own your work
Whichever piece of the puzzle you’re responsible for, we expect you to be responsible for it 100%.
Master your work
Mastery is about experience, skill, but above all, care. Your final outputs should be sturdy, high-calibre, and complete.
Run the show
More than a contributor, we expect you to be able to present, contextualize, and defend your work directly to the client.
Quick and clear
We prize quick, clear, and early communication, especially via Slack, Loom, and Notion.
Smart meetings
We avoid internal meetings that aren’t preceded by a written and/or video brief so context is clear and no time is wasted.
One system
We work independently, but in the end, your processes, tools, and outputs must be able to sync with the broader engagement.
Everything’s on the record
Meetings are recorded and occasionally transcribed so that new team members can get up to speed quickly and independently.
Open kitchen
There’s no time to be shy. We keep our work visible to each other as it progresses, however rough it may be.
Independent learning
Whether it’s how to use software x or the meaning of acronym y, we expect you to find out what you need to know autonomously.

How we run our projects

We’re a bit specific when it comes to our workflows and the basic stack below forms the core of our system.
Ready to deploy.
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