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could be better.
Beyond that, it’s a long story.
Complexity is our sweet spot. At Team B, we help solve thorny, interconnected marketing challenges—from the strategic to the operational to the tactical and beyond. Where one issue leads on to another, that’s where you’ll find us.
From full-scale brand development to sharpening core levers
Skipping the theatre

A lot of traditional brand work is theatre: long ramp-up processes, ornate meeting rooms, and flashy presentations to show just how creative the process is. This isn’t just about agencies’ thirst for money, either. It’s also the clients who want to enjoy a good show. After all, being presented with inspiring work by cool creative-types is a fun interlude from operational meetings. And for the cost, don’t we all deserve a good show? At Team B, we deliver creative at the same level of strategy and execution—but without all of the fuss.  

Mastering politics

Brand is as much about internal buy-in and alignment as it is about external positioning and look-and-feel. And if you get it wrong, your teams will go their own way and your efforts will have been for nothing. We have the executive-level experience to secure input, approval, and alignment from stakeholders, building strong advocacy channels to help consolidate and deploy your brand.

Sample needs
  • Market positioning
  • Internal alignment
  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Tone of voice
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Logos and wordmarks
  • Colour palettes, typographies
  • Illustration, animation, photography
  • Video production
Auditing and building robust content strategies and engines
Joining the conversation

Content is about joining the conversation —but to do that, you need to know what that conversation is. While most agencies can churn out keyword-friendly copy quickly enough, they don’t strike the chords they need to build cultural relevance. At Team B, we track the conversational signals and undercurrents to ensure our clients tap into, and then become, the heart of the discourse.

Moving up the funnel

Being editorially driven means going beyond soft selling and practical how-to guides to engage audiences through meaningful, research-driven stories. Most content farms simply don’t know how to do this. We move beyond the cookie-cutter and the clickbait to deliver magazine-grade editorial—setting up the systems that make this possible.

Sample needs
  • Content audits
  • Narrative development
  • Strategy and planning
  • Funnel and channel analysis
  • Writing and editing
  • Photography and video
  • Research and reporting
Fast, flexible, well-designed web (and ecommerce) deployment
From months to weeks

Websites have gotten a lot easier to make, yet most businesses spend tremendous amounts of time and money on clunky and non-updatable outcomes—only to do it all over again a year later. At Team B, we leverage leading low/no-code solutions to launch exquisite, intuitive, and configurable websites in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Building the funnel

The tech side of websites is easy. Fine-tuning the conversion funnel is the hard part. We make sure your website expresses your brand to a tee and guides the user to achieve strategically defined goals—from ecommerce purchases to newsletter subscriptions to MQLs and beyond.

Sample needs
  • Sitemapping
  • Information architecture
  • Front-end development
  • Copywriting
  • Layout and wireframing
  • eCommerce
  • Accessibility compliance
  • SEO
From streamlining workflows to improving your marketing technology stack
Designing stacks

Cloud-based solutions have unleashed incredible advances in team productivity. Yet most companies aren’t methodical about structuring their tech stack, leading to a mish-mash of incompatible and overlapping systems that people find confusing and end up working around. At Team B, we audit business needs to build a comprehensive yet balanced toolkit—one designed to get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Redefining workflows

It’s not just the technology that counts—it’s the workflows you design around them. Without agile processes to match, teamwork is hamstrung by a lack of context and easy access to institutional knowledge. This is our sweet spot: pairing business needs with technologies, and technologies with workflows, to increase speed, productivity, and impact by a factor of ten.

Sample needs
  • Tech stack audit and design
  • Workflow audit and design
  • Recruiting flows
  • Onboarding flows
  • Marketing campaign flows
  • Company knowledge
Bringing fresh ideas and thinking & iterating quickly via MVPs and prototypes
Infusing ideas

Innovation is hard. And consultants who promise to make businesses more systematically innovative are embarking on a years-long “transformation.” We aren’t here to pull a 180º on your business—we’re here to give your team a quick and hearty infusion of new ideas: fresh thinking to enliven your process and output, inspiring the team to respond in kind.

Getting unstuck

Sooner or later, every company needs a reboot. Whether it’s their products, their marketing, or their customer service, the well-oiled machine has turned into “same old.” We love nothing more than to invigorate businesses and their brands by strengthening the creative process and everything it touches. That doesn’t mean running a traditional ad campaign with an agency—it means thinking bold and getting scrappy.

Sample needs
  • Creative process audit
  • MVPs and rapid prototyping
  • New channel strategies
  • Validating ideas
  • Experimentation and growth “hacks”
  • Trying the impossible
Building new functions, departments, and capabilities from scratch
Velocity from day one

Founders and entrepreneurs need the right tech stack, processes, and executional capabilities to help them ship and scale quickly. At Team B, we provide the turnkey systems, ideas, and skillsets to turn your business plan into a thriving, living enterprise.

Developing new units

Let’s say you want to sell directly to consumers but don’t want to upset your distributors. Or you want to pilot a sub-brand but simply don’t have the bandwidth. That’s where we come in. From experimental side-projects to full-blown lines of business, we can run parallel operations to your marketing department, trialling everything from ecommerce to establishing new marketing channels.

Sample needs
  • Technology audit
  • Business model audit
  • B2B to B2C Expansion
  • New market exploration
  • Building ecommerce function
  • Sub-branding
  • Piloting new marketing or sales channels
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— Robert Anson Heinlein,
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