Where experience
meets agility

We’ve been CMOs, founders, executives, consultants. We’ve built brands, launched publications, and structured operations from scratch. In short, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve got the breadth and depth of experience that allows us to move quickly, act decisively, and cover real ground.

We work with

Whether it’s laying the groundwork, speeding up operations, or bringing fresh thinking and capabilities to your operation.
Bridging the gap until you find your perfect CMO, accelerating new projects, or running the marketing machine full stop.
Supporting marketing-adjacent projects, from recruitment efforts to product roadmapping to org-wide operations.

Occasionally asked questions

We strive to be incredibly transparent so you don’t have to get on a  call with us simply to find out basic information.

Who are you?

Team B is run by Alex Gervais, with a collection of friends, colleagues and partners we’ve worked with over the years and trust. Our extended team is distributed across multiple geographies and time zones, but our principal office is in Montreal, Canada.  

We have intentionally omitted the name of past clients, but we’re happy to provide references and showcase some of the work we have done in private. Don’t be shy to get in touch.

Why the name, Team B?

OMG, what kind of name is this?

We’re called Team B because we’re the alternative to the metaphorical Team A, which is the team you call when the expertise needed is clearly defined (e.g. PR issue → PR agency). Simple as that.

What do you do exactly?

We provide the all-in-one solution that helps CMOs sleep better at night.

Here are some ways it can play out:

  1. We can be a sparring partner, providing guidance, infusing fresh ideas and stress-test your thinking on whatever is the issue of the day. Concretely, we can help sharpening your strategic plan, provide creative feedback, research a question, etc.  
  2. We can execute more tactical missions for new, emerging or ‘in-between’ projects that your team for whatever reason can’t support. For example, we can jump-start a new department, reconfigure your tech stack, enhance your digital workflows, rapid prototype a new idea, deliver a website in weeks rather than months, or figure out what to do with ‘x’.
  3. We can also provide air support for longer periods. Adaptability is the key advantage and overtime, your team will tend to fluctuate, leaving unwanted gaps. Plus, talent is increasingly hard to find and priorities change all the time. We can structure your operations, run parts of it or all of it.

How are you different?

Here are five main points of difference:

  1. Experienced — both founders have over forty years of combined leadership experience
  2. Bespoke — we assemble the right team for the mission, which reduces agency problems
  3. Interdisciplinary — we’re not pigeonholed into one area of specialization
  4. Accountable — we’re able to take horizontal ownership, which is usually where unwanted friction occurs
  5. Watchful — We believe in the “teach a man to fish” heuristic and we strive to leave a team in a better shape than we found it. This means we focus on the core, but also on the periphery (workflows, processes, transfer of knowledge, etc.)

How do you scale a business like Team B?

You don’t. We’re intentionally small and we’ll stay that way. There isn’t a credible path (or plan) to turn Team B into something big because scaling means specializing. At the core, what motivates us is the sense of mission, freedom and creativity which get activated when problems are not conventional. We’ve been lucky and privileged enough to have had long and successful careers and we are now in a position to use our accumulated knowledge, network, and experience to tackle thorny challenges. That's our motivation.

Is there anything you won’t do?

We prefer not being involved if a challenge calls for siloed knowledge for which suitable alternatives are dime a dozen, and don’t warrant leadership, lateral thinking and decades of experience.  That said, we’re happy to provide our thoughts on how best to approach a challenge, whether we work together of not.

Ready to deploy.
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